Covid-19 (coronavirus) Update


 Mongolia announces borders will be open May 1st! While we think that date is a bit ambitious, we are cautiously optimistic and believe Mongolia is on the right track with vaccinations and social distancing. Mongolia has not yet released guidelines for travel, but we believe that proof of vaccination will be required.

Our number one priority is the safety of not only our clients, but the Mongolian nationals that make up our staff as well as the nomadic herders we all our friends.

We are currently open for new bookings in 2021. If we have to cancel your trip in 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances related to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we will transfer you 100% of your payment to a future expedition of your choice.


Cases and Vaccines in Mongolia

(Updated March 16, 2021)

Fortunately, due to the swift actions of Mongolia at the start of the pandemic, there have been very few cases in Mongolia. The country is currently closed to incoming and outgoing flights and the government has said that they plan on opening up the country when a vaccine becomes available.

There have been a total of 4,210 cases in Mongolia, with only 4 total deaths. Mongolia has aquired the following 4 vaccines and has begun distributing them: Sputnik V, Sinopharm, Astra-Zeneca, and Pfizer. Currently, the doctors and nurses in the capital have been vaccinated and they have begun distributing vaccines to other first responders and then teachers. Mongolia plans to vaccinate all adult citizens by July 1st (just in time for the Naadam festival).