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Travel Agents and Designers

We love working with travel agents and designers from all around the world. Our specialty is custom designing tours for our clients' needs and our priority is the satisfaction and safety of our travelers. Our deep and intimate knowledge of Mongolia (not just it’s landscape and attractions, but also it’s people) guarantees that our partners’ minds are at ease.

Are you a high-adventure or conservation oriented agency whose clients want to track Snow Leopards, Pallas Cats, and the endangered Gobi Bear? A luxury travel agency whose clients want to charter a flight to a remote and breathtaking area of Mongolia and stay in a luxury camp set up just for them? Or even a large tour operator that wants to send a group of up to 40 clients to partake in the Naadam Festival, Big Mongolia Travel has the experience and expertise to provide your clients with an experience of a lifetime. We function as both as a US based Travel Agency and Mongolian Destination Management Company (DMC).

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Photography Workshops

Mongolia is a land of panoramic landscapes, charismatic people, and unique wildlife. We work with photographers interested in hosting their own workshops in Mongolia to develop itineraries and provide all the necessary logistics.

We are local experts in fixing and media production and understand that photographers need more than just a tourist guide and driver. We go above and beyond in providing generators for your equipment, time tables for golden hour, and putting you and your clients in front of unforgettable photographic moments.